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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  August 7, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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security again. hello. i am gasia mikalian. >> and i am frank somerville. julie haener has the night off. police in los angeles say they expected her to return to lax. sure enough she came back in what police say is a violation of her probation that was handed down 24 hours before. hours after a judge order marilyn hartman to stay away from lax police spotted her on a bus to the airport. officers watched as she scoped out security and terminals although she never tried to get past a tsa check point. >> she has a fixation on flying. and she has the means to take a flight or two. but apparently prefers to do so without buying a ticket. >> marilyn hartman remains behind bars and held on $10,000 bail. new at 6:00 p.m. ktvu's ann rubin live at san
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mineta international airport where there are calls for a closer look at that airport security. >> reporter: two san jose city counsel members are leading the charge. they say now is the time to review what happened here and figure out how to keep it from happening again. >> reporter: this week when serial stowaway marilyn hartman made it past a check point and on to a plane security mineta international airport down plained the severity. politicians will not. >> if this was not serious i would like to know what a serious breach is. >> reporter: this is the second breach in months. another stow away made it to hawaii. and now city counsel members are demanding answers. they are calling for a public hearing to find out how this could have happened. >> that is the concern, if innocent people can get through a screening or jump into the well of a plane, what would
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someone who has much more malicious intent be able to do? we need to be able to answer those questions. >> reporter: they want officials, the tsa and experts there and they want to know what is done to prevent breaches in the future. >> i want to see the systems, who is responsible for what, how we handle the breaches, not at the time they occur but what do we do with the information, how are we improving the system? >> reporter: they are calling for action and transparodying transparency -- transparency. >> it important for the public to be aware. >> every breach should be an opportunity to improve security. >> reporter: a committee will discuss the recommendation for the hearing on august 13. mineta international airport ann rubin, ktvu channel 2 news.
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new information now on the breaking news we have been telling you about. the chp just confirmed a big rig driver was killed when his tractor-trailer over turned from eastbound 80 to is about 680 -- southbound 6 680. the california highway patrol says speed and a shift in the load contradicted to the deadly accident. the chp says it will be two hours before they can move that big rig from the connector. keep that in mind as you make your way around tonight. continuing coverage now of the hurricanes headed towards hawaii. this is a live look from hilo, hurricane where hurricane iselle is closing in. we have been keeping an eye on these pictures and you can see those clouds continue to get darker. they are getting rain and more is on the way. just how bad will it be? our chief meteorologist bill
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martin is tracking the storms. that first hurricane hurricane iselle is starting to weaken? >> yeah. they are both weakening. two hurricanes bearing down on the islands. check it out. here is the first one. hurricane iselle. and to the north of hawaii, hurricane julio. right now they are both hurricanes. the one we are concerned with is hurricane iselle because it is on top of the big island and it will make land fall within the next 4-5 hours as a tropical storm. it is a category one now. on top of that, on the island, you have a lot of mountains on the big island. hurricane now, drops down to a tropical storm and will drop rain. rain will be the story. 12 inches or a foot of rain. wind gusts 85 miles per hour. this happens tonight. 10:00 p.m. news we will have updates on
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this. and then you have hurricane julio behind that. 24 hours delayed north of the island. we will follow this. i will see you at 10:00 p.m. with updates. >> thank you. >> hurricane iselle is already hitting hawaii and people are feeling the impact of the storm. >> this is video just in in the past hour. you could hear the wind there and the rain is starting to get heavier. >> here in the bay area the storms created a lot of uncertainty for folks heading to hawaii. ktvu's john fowler live at sfo where bay area travelers are making new plans. john? >> reporter: moments ago i learned at the two of the remaining three flights to hawaii from san francisco international airport will be canceled tonight. a third remains officially on
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time but be prepared for that to change. >> reporter: it is business as usual. passengers arrivalling as two big storms -- arriving as two big storms bear down on hawaii. >> he is not worry said. he is not worried. i am not worried. >> i don't want to do that. we are going the opposite way. >> reporter: flights for tomorrow are departing on schedule but passengers should take nothing for granted. >> they could check online if they are traveling in the next few days. >> reporter: he booked a hawaii vacation beginning this weekend. >> hopefully we will dodge it. i am hoping that if in fact we don't dodge it we will have some delays. >> reporter: they will go ahead as planned but will check their
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airlines website often. we learned many airlines and resorts are offering no charge cancellations and low charge extensions the next few days. that severe weather is very difficult to predict. reporting live at san francisco international airport john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. man played not guilty to charges that -- pleated not guilty to charges he shot at a repo man. neither was injured. it is unclear why the woman was in the trunk of the car that was being towed. a hearing is set for september 25 to see if there is enough evidence to order him to stand trial. rare tree is getting a second chance thanks to the community. >> almost like there is two different trees growing in one.
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>> this red wood has two celts of dna creating a -- sets of dna creating a mix of white and green leaves. the tree will be replanted in a safer location. the tree is blocking the rail transit tracks. the company proposed a plan to chop the tree down but the community saved it. this tree is one of a kind. >> there is only 10 that we know of. what makes it more especially, it is the only one producing reproductive structures. >> it will leave near the east platform where riders will be able to see it grow for years to come. 200,000 people preparing to pack golden gate park for the music festival. it starts tomorrow and after a sexual assault and a lawsuit safety protocols are different this year. ktvu's patti lee is live now with the changes folks will see
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at the concert. >> reporter: promoters would not talk expects but police say this year added surveillance cameras and adding patrols. concert goers were more concerned about the change in culture here. >> reporter: from $250 tickets to suits for 25,000. the festival sold out early. >> reporter: she scraped together $350 to see his favorite artists. she will have to settle for listening from afar again. [ indiscernible ] >> not everybody could afford the tickets. >> reporter: it is an issue at
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music festivals like outside lands. it makes some feel like second class citizens. >> some of the high end tickets, what that helps us do is off set the price and keep the main ticket price down. >> promoters say vip set ups help off set the cost but some claim catering to the few may be the undoing. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: 100 live lands are scheduled and noise will likely become an issue but the general manager tells me that may be a small price to pay. this year they are donating $2 million to parks programs. live in san francisco, patti lee, ktvu channel 2 news.
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>> has a special section with information on the bands and other details. you will find it under hot topics. with song and prayer advocates called on the u.s. to treat immigrant children with compassion as they flee violence in their home countries. [ singing ] >> leaders gathered at the federal building in san francisco in the past two hours. they are concerned thousands of children face isolation and hardship in the united states. >> treat the children as humans and allow them the opportunity to stay in the united states. and not try to deport them back. >> allowing some emergency shelters allowing to close.
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from august through july 63,000 unaccompanied children entered the u.s. illegally. that is double from a year ago. 30,000 have been placed with relatives or other sponsors. a human trafficking operation ends with 11 women in police custody. why authorities say they are not always the target. >> also a terrifying home invasion as two robbers cover a grandmother in duct tape. what changes that scared one of the suspects. tillamook marionberry pie ice cream right nows i'll explode into creamy happiness. wha? oh. tillamook ice cream, tastes better because it's made better.
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the store of your past is now the store of your future. come see one of our remodeled stores and get a free portable power charger with a $15 purchase. a different tactic and targeting the men who hire prostitution. the city is the hub of the
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west. ktvu's paul chambers went along with officer whose targeted the men and women involved in human trafficking. >> reporter: a description of a woman who is one of several targets of oakland police. once a week an operation is conducted. tonight rounding up young women suspected of being prostitutes. >> good to get the girls off the streets. even if it is placing them underarrest. it is a safer place to be. >> reporter: they began adding the faces of those charged on the same site as the pimps. >> it is sex slavery. individuals who cause that to exist need to be dealt with more harshly. >> reporter: he leads the department's unit. 50% of the people arrestred not from the area. -- arrested are not from the area. it is another resource the department will use. >> when people get arrested,
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they realize their face will be on the website. when you google their name the website pops up. that needs to get out. >> the pictures are up for two weeks. while it is there the name, and where they are from is also posted. >> reporter: 11 arrests in two hours. with so many females on the streets, some question why more isn't done. the answer is, funding. >> resources have been exhausted. we can't continue on as often as we like. >> reporter: while it is from grants, money that is all but gone, the next step is to explain the importance of the operations. and hopes his budget will be increased and more young women can be saved. paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. police are searching for two men who attacked a grandmother inside her home with her grandchild nearby.
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happened yesterday afternoon. police say two men cased the home from an alley and then just walked in through the backdoor. the suspects covered the grandmother's face with duct tape and pointed a gun at her. her grandchild was asleep in the home while all of this was happening. the woman ended up surviving with minor injuries but they realized she needed help. >> we believe they recognized that she was panicking and having a hard time breathing because they came and moved the tape so she could move better. >> police are searching for the robbers and describe them as asian men, 35 years old, 5'10", 200 pounds. both were wearing a white shirts. the defense attorney blasted the government's case against leland yee and raymond chow and others following a hearing in san francisco. >> heard some of the best attorneys in the country, all
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echoing the same thing, it should be dismissed. the way they brought the charges were inappropriate. >> leland yee was smiling but had little to say to reporters this morning. leland yee and raymond chow are among those charged with a corruption case. proceeders over how to divide the case -- proceedings were over how to divide the case. california wine merchant sentenced for wine fraud. he was convicted in december of repackaging cheap wine to look like pricy bottles of vintage wine. he lost $2 million on the wine and millions more investigating the fraud. he must forfeit $20 million and
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pay 28 million in restitution. you might notice haze out there this afternoon, especially in conquered. livermore val e-- concord, livermore valley as well. the fires burning in northern california, the winds shifted further. coming out of the north. coming down -- redding area. we are seeing the haze in the atmosphere. i think it will be around tonight and tomorrow. if you are noticing it, you will notice asthma if you have difficulty breathing. that is the smoke. thunderstorms occurring in northern california right now, highway 80, and the truckee area. thunderstorms going on nightly for a couple weeks. this has been conducive to rainfall and lightning strikes. keep an eye on it. there will be more tomorrow. the fog along the coast is along the coast. it will have a push inland tonight. it will wake you up with fog in
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oakland. fog, fog in hayward, fog in richmond. much of the areas inland you won't see fog till saturday morning. current temperatures. the heat. you see the push of marine air coming from the ocean. it can't get over the hills. keeps the heat in the valley. tomorrow same thing. and the next day cooler numbers will push east and that will trend temperatures down throughout the bay area. over night lows upper 50s and low 60s. 60 san jose. 60 mountain view. and fog and low clouds at the coast tomorrow. mid-70s. tomorrow is like today. fog is where it was this morning. you will find temperatures in the mid-80s in the warmest spots. inland, clayton, antioch, valley, low 90s.
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probably warmer than today. reason for the cooling, the low- pressure system drops down and sends temperatures down saturday and sunday. not cold, just not as warm as it has been. the five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view, there it is. cooling trend through monday. good news for firefighters. increased humidity, lower temperatures. smoke in the atmosphere from the fires in northern california. >> thank you. an international soccer star, with ties to the bay area is retiring. and pagan returns to the giants line up but was it enough to get a win? mark is up next with the story.
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save hundreds on beautyrest and posturepedic.ay at sleep train, choose $300 in free gifts with tempur-pedic. even choose 48 months interest-free financing on the new tempur-choice. the triple choice sale ends sunday at sleep train. . san francisco airport new air traffic-control tower dominates the sky line. it will be one of the world's most advanced and safe. it could with stand a magnitude 8 earthquake and it will have a better field of view. >> from the design we think this will be a new iconic marker for sfo. >> construction will be
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completed next year. it will be ready to go into service in 2016 once it is equipped and tested. mark is here now with sports. angel pagan is back. >> yeah. as far as him being a fix for the offense, that is not going to work. he look-good. had a couple hits but the giants offensively just providing nothing. 0-3 since they acquired him. hunter pence as usual doing his best. no complaints with this guy. up the middle. base hit. 1-1 game in the 5th. khris davis slicer to right. a ground rule double. ramirez scoring. 2-1. they had another on a sacrifice ply. the a's will play tonight with john lester working the found. the pga championship and we had
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some major news developing there. jason dufnerwithdrawals with a neck injury. you got to see this. shot of the day at 10. 97-foot putt for eagle. on the day he shot a 7 over 78. tiger woods had trouble. shot off the tee. he winds up 3 over 74 and give as fan a souvenir. three way tie at the top. lee westwood 8 with a nice birdie putt. lots of gulf remaining. >> stunner in the world of soccer. landon donovan considered the best american player every, 32 years old, he had the game winning goal in the mls all- star game last night and announces today he is retiring from soccer.
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he is with the galaxy currently and he says he has had enough. and that is the sporting life for tonight. >> thank you. live now to the white house where we are waiting for president obama to speak about a crisis going on in iraq. isis has taken over much of iraq and left a lot of people without food and water. will there be military strikes. the president will address the country when it happens. we will take it live. sure... hey canyou bet! this? that's our new interactive speaker wall. 'sup? thinks it's a speak-ing wall. this can even dim your lights. your 3-d-printed girlfriend will love that. real mature.
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thank you, little do-hickeys. for a limited time only, southwest airlines is offering flights starting as low as $73 one way to select destinations. if it matters to you, it matters to us. book now online, only at moment to let all the fox affiliate stations across the country join us for this event. a live statement from president obama in the state dining room of the white house. i'm brett baer in washington. president obama approved air drops of humanitarian supplies to tens of thousands of christians trapped without food or water in northern iraq by an islamist extremist group. that group now has control of a large part of iraq and is seen in a map we're going to show you. they also have control of the
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mosul dam. that's the largest in that country. the president with his national security team considering whether to combine that assistance with u.s. airstrikes to back up troops on the ground. tens of thousands of iraqis fled their homes after the islamic state group issued an ultimate um. this group has been rampaging its way throughout northern iraq. they have been going across the lines of the kurdish fighters. now president obama in the state dining room. >> good evening. today i authorized two operations in iraq. targeted airstrikes and a humanitarian effort to save thousands of iraqi civilians who are trapped on a mountain without food and water and facing almost certain death. let me explain the actions we're


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